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[Press Conference] Eru Jakarta Concert 2015: HAPPENING

Eru, Korean singer or often called as ‘Korean Prince of Ballad’ who started his career in Indonesia since 4 years ago, had return with a concert in November 2015, ‘HAPPENING’. Again for his concert this time, Eru is not alone. There are also special performances from Mighty Mouth and J-Yo, Eru’s collaboration partner in ‘Garosugil’ song.

We got the honor to attend the press conference which held on November 6, 2015 at one of shopping malls in Jakarta, Kota Kasablanka. This press conference were attended by Mighty Mouth, J- Yo, and all crew for his concert. Now, we will give you some of the highlights of the press conference!

  1. You’ve worked for 4 years in Indonesia and obviously you know Indonesia very well. What do you miss about Indonesia when you go back to Korea?
  • First, I’ve considered Indonesia as my second home. I really missed my fans in Indonesia. But not just that, I also miss all the things about Indonesia”
  1. To test your ability of Indonesian Language, can you say hello to us with Indonesian Language?
  • “Yes, of course. ‘Halo. Selamat Siang'”
  1. For Mighty Mouth and J-yo who came to Indonesia for the first time have you guys tried any Indonesian food?
  • Sangchu (Mighty Mouth): “ I’ve just tried to eat fried noodles and the taste is very good!”
  • J-Yo: “For me, I really liked fried rice”
  • Shorry J (Mighty Mouth): “Until now I haven’t had the chance to try Indonesian food. But later, I will eat a lot of Indonesian food”
  • Eru: “ I miss Indonesian fried rice”
  1. Since arriving in Jakarta, have you guys ever go to one of the shopping malls in Jakarta?
  • J-Yo: “Because I love shopping, the one that can’t be forgotten the most is ‘Grand Indonesia’. Because in Korea there’s no place like it”
  • Sangchu (Mighty Mouth): “I also like shopping. And I think ‘Kota Kasablanka’ is a nice place too. There’s a lot of food in here and i will keep in mind Eru’s promise to take us to another shopping center”
  1. Eru have already done concert several times in Indonesia. What distinguishes your upcoming concert ‘Happening’ with previous concerts?
  • “The difference is in concert’s place. Happening ‘ concert will take place at the indoor, because usually I hold concert outdoor”
  1. Why is your concert this time called ‘Happening’?
  • “Because ‘Happening’ is closest meaning to ‘exciting’ and  ‘funny’. And later, my concert will be full with many happening things”
  1. How about your concert preparation? How long is it?
  • Eru: “In preparation for the concert I’ve prepared many special performances with Mighty Mouth and J-Yo. I will do the things that I never did before and I will show it in my concert this time. In addition, there is a solo performance from J-Yo and Mighy Mouth. For our preparation, we practiced about 1-2 months”
  • Shorry J: “We will do a solo performance because we heard that we have many fans in Indonesia”
  1. If you can choose, who’s Indonesian artist you want to collaborate with?
  • “I can’t choose. Because for me, all Indonesian artist is a great artist. But if I can, I want to collaborate with all Indonesian artist”
  1. You have been in Indonesia for 4 years, what is your most favorite Indonesian song?
  • Eru:“I don’t listen to Indonesian song much. But the only one song that I memorized is ‘Kemesraan’”
  1. For Eru and J-Yo who are collaborating in the song ‘Garosugil ‘, can you please tell us, what’s the meaning of ‘ Garosugil?
  • J- Yo: “Garosugil is one of the places in Korea. In it, we describe Garosugil as a background of  one person’s love story with one girl. And we will bring this Garosugil premiered at stage in Jakarta”
  1. Eru certainly already have a lot of fans in Indonesia. What do you think about Indonesian fans?
  • “Indonesian fans are so beautiful” 
  1. Does Eru have a message for Indonesian fans?
  • “Before, I would like to say thanks to my fans in Indonesia who are always supporting me. I promise I will work harder for you, and please keep giving a lot of love to me and keep supporting me. Thank you”

Reported by: Frances Julia
Edited by: Ikhda Rizka Annisa

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