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BIGBANG 2015 MADE Tour in Jakarta : Bang The Party Up!

Do you know of a concert where almost everyone threw their hands in the air, bumped their head along to the rhythm be it to lose themselves to the blazing beat or just to enjoy the authenticity of a boy group's mellow songs? That's the BIGBANG concert I know, the one I attended yesterday with (surprisingly or not) the most amount of fanboys I have ever seen in a K-Pop show, not only fangirls.

On Aug 1, BIGBANG finally held their long awaited concert, BIGBANG 2015 [MADE] TOUR in Jakarta. Despite of the very far location from the heart of the capital city, thousands of Indonesian VIPs (name of BIGBANG’s fans) have managed to fill and light Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) – BSD City up with yellow colors coming from their very own crown lightsticks.

Throughout the approximately two-hour show from 7-9 PM local time, BIGBANG managed to present many of their all-time hit songs such as Haru Haru acoustic version and Lies, as well as their recent tracks from MADE series. After the opening VCR, the five-membered group ignited the time with their newest dance track, Bang Bang Bang. Proceeding through, G-Dragon, Taeyang, TOP, Daesung, and Seungri showcased their prowess and entertained the audience not only through their fast and slow songs, but also with the many ment sessions. They greeted the audience in English and also in bahasa Indonesia, from standard sentence such as “Apa kabar Indonesia” until Daesung’s fluent”I’m sorry yang di sana tidak kelihatan,” and Seungri’s quite rich-local food vocabulary, including nasi goreng, indomie goreng, and sop buntut. There was also time when GD & Taeyang told the audience to move back because they could see people pushing forward too much, showing their concern and Taeyang saying, “We don’t wanna hurt anybody.” (A little out of topic, did anyone notice Taeyang or TOP’s batu akik-like rings?)


Aside of the floor shaking performances, I should say let’s give it up to the lighting and production team. Although the stage was indeed not tall enough to make every members visible from the yellow or festival section, the lighting was very rich with colors it complimented the LED screen and video well, creating a very well-designed show at least from where I was standing. They also tried to put detailed calculations in every parts of the show, for example the usage of signature soft yellow-gold light during Taeyang’s Eyes Nose Lips stage, just like what they used during his RISE (Taeyang’s solo) concert. Also, let’s not leave out the fact that they did manage to bring the round-circling mirror stage from their Loser Inkigayo comeback stage and the angel statue during Bae Bae from Korea, showing how much effort they put into this show (and yes, don’t forget the perhaps-never-run-out-of-energy dancers).

Technical wise, although the concert design and BIGBANG themselves were amazing, the queueing process right before the concert started was quite a pity  as it got pushed back for around 30 minutes from the actual schedule for both the audience and the media. Nevertheless, to me it was an enjoyable 2 hours show and even if perhaps it could never be long enough for some, hopefully last night was a good remedy for Indonesian VIPs who missed their BIGBANG oppas and a good time for BIGBANG who said they really like Jakarta (VIPs, don’t forget that GD said he fell in love (with Jakarta/Indonesia)).  For VIPs, to cure your perhaps soon-to-happen post concert syndrome, let’s hope that they will come back again soon just like what TOP & Taeyang said! Thank you Mecimapro for the event, see you again next time!

BIGBANG 2015 MADE TOUR in Jakarta setlist:

Bang Bang Bang
Stupid Liar
Haru Haru Acoustic Ver
Bad Boy
If You
Strong Baby (Seungri Solo)
Let’s Talk About Love (Seungri, GD, Taeyang)
Wings (Daesung Solo)
Doom Dada (TOP Solo)
Eyes Nose Lips (Taeyang Solo)
Good Boy (Taeyang & GD)
Crooked (GD Solo)
Bae Bae
Fantastic Baby
We Like 2 Party
Bang Bang Bang

(note : photos will be updated as soon as available^^)

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