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Sunny Speaks Up About Rumor with Seo In Guk

Amidst all the heat received after last day's breaking news, member of popular idol group Girl's Generation, Sunny, doesn't miss the beat to justify her position herself.

The idol who was a cast of the recently ended variety show “Roommate” spoke about this through her regular MBC radio show, “Sunny’s FM Date” yesterday (May 15). Before all, the show begun with Sunny as the DJ playing Epik High’s 2012 hit track, “Don’t Hate Me” to open the show. After the song ended, she added, “Please don’t hate me.”

Regarding the rumor, while laughing, she said, “Today, a romance rumor broke out. I was really surprised.” She then continued, “This is the first romance rumor in Sunny (addressing herself)’s life. Coinciding with my birthday. I’d like to tell you once again that we are only in a close senior-junior relationship.”

Through this, the star has dismissed what the rumor claimed about herself. Yesterday, Sunny’s agency, SM Entertainment and Seo In Guk’s agency, Jellyfish Entertainment have also refuted to the claim.


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