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EXID Got Mocked by TMZ, Amber,Taecyeon, and Roy Kim Speak Up Their Disappointment

Following the racist comment from TMZ’s crew about EXID’s English, korean celebities who’s able to speak english share their disappointment on twitter.

Amber tweeted:

Following her tweet, 2PM Taecyeon also show his thought:

“They make fun of other’s accent, but do they realized can they speak fluently to other language? ㅋㅋㅋ The mentality of them who making fun of someone who greeted (with effort) their fans with their language, is just wow…”

And Roy Kim:

Yedang Entertainment as the agency also shared their disappointment with TMZ, however, they will not to take serious action. “It’s unfortunate and it’s upsetting. Because of this issue, the members were upset and Junghwa is now going through struggles with that comment.”


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