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Various Artists Lend their Voice for Sandara & Seungyoon’s “We Broke Up”

Ahead of it's premiere, various artists have lend their voices to sing OSTs for Sandara Park from 2NE1 & Kang Seungyoon from WINNER's upcoming web drama, "We Broke Up".

Although the drama is scheduled to air in June, presently there have been three OST parts released, including Baek Jeong Eun’s “Break Up Day (헤어진 날)” and Eun Ga Eun’s “Our Distance (우리의 거리)” which serves as OST part 1, Weekend Diary’s “The You I Don’t Know (난 모르는 그대)” as part 2, and Oh Hye Geum’s “It’s Okay Even if You Erase Me (지워져도 괜찮아)” as part 3.

we broke up osts

As the title and it’s OSTs suggest, “We Broke Up” is a web drama based on a web toon under the same name which tells about a couple who broke up after 5 years of dating. Aside of Dara and Seungyoon, fashion model Kang Seung Hyun and Jang Ki Yong (male model in IU’s Friday MV) will also take role in this drama.

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