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Three BTS’ Songs Are Ruled Inappropriate For Broadcast by KBS

KBS strikes again with their strict rules for the lyrics. This time BTS once again caught with their lyrics which is considered unfit for broadcast due to some reason.

Their new songs “Converse High”, “BTS Diss/흥탄소년단”, and “Lovers High” are deemed unfit for broadcast. “Converse High” mentioning the brand Converse, Alexander McQueen, Chanel F and it’s prohibited. So does “Lovers High” which mentioning Converse in their lyrics.

While “BTS Diss” lyrics 골라 골라 호식이 골라 banned because it’s pronunciation is similar to the chicken brand “호시기두마리치킨”. The Chinese phrase means “Did you eat?” also banned because it’s associated with swearing words.

Similar to KBS, MBC also banned “Lovers High” while SBS are still reviewing their new songs.

BigHit revealed that they have no plans to change the lyrics and it’s hasn’t been declared what is the title track of BTS new mini album. The details will be released on April 23rd. While waiting for the new album to be released, why don’t we enjoy the new photo teaser which is dropped today by BigHit?

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