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A seven-member boy group to debut in May; ROMEO

Get ready for another rookie soon to debut group, ROMEO! They will be debuting in the industry in May.

Pony Canyon, a Japanese music label, alongside their Korean partner, CT Entertainment will be soon debuting a seven-member boy group under their label. According to the group ROMEO’s Facebook page, the seven members consist of 윤성 [Yunsung], 현경 [Hyunkyung], 카일 [Kyle], 승환 [Seunghwan], 민성 [Minsung], 마일로 [Milo] and 강민 [Kangmin]. They have released quite some teaser pictures of the members, and also starts to release video teasers, with member Hyunkyung’s video teaser up first.

Other Korean artist that are managed under the Japanese label Pony Canyon for their Japanese activities are B1A4, Crayon Pop, and BTS.

Check out the first teaser video of member Hyunkyung below!

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