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24K gearing up for a comeback with ‘Hey You’, released 1st MV teaser

It’s been a while that we haven’t been hearing news from the boys of 24K, but hey, your 1 year and 6 months of waiting is soon to be paid off, because these guys are confirmed to having a comeback with a track titled ‘Hey You’ (오늘 예쁘네).

Releasing their 1st mv teaser today, a 15 seconds duration video, we could see that these guys are up to something a bit more manly then their previous promotional track ‘U R So Cute’ on 2013 that showcased their sweet side and cuteness.

24K is a 6 membered group, debuted under Choeun Entertainment on 2012 with the track ‘Rocking Girl’.

The full MV is to be released on April 13th, so look forward to their comeback!

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