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[EXCLUSIVE] 2PM Go Crazy in Jakarta Round-Table Interview

Q: As your song titled “Go Crazy”, what is the craziest thing that you’ve did in the past?

Taecyeon: There’s Seolal holiday at that time (Chinese New Year) and I keep writing songs instead of rest.

Wooyoung: I’ve been dancing for so long and I keep dancing till now, it’s the craziest thing.

Jun.K: On March, our schedule is not that packed. I’ve been in some place for 36 hours producing a song.

Junho: I don’t think I did something crazy. I’m very normal.. hehe.

Chansung: Eoo… there’s no specific thing. I just live normally, maybe I should try some (crazy things).

Nichkhun: I’ve used my money to buy some games without permission from my parents. Then I got scolded as they figured it out.

Q: Is there any special preparations for the concert in Jakarta? And how long did you prepared it?

Chansung: It’s about a month. We always prepared special performances/treatment for each country that we’ve visited. We also prepared a special performance in Indonesia.

Q: Which country is your favorite to visit when you held a concert?

Junho: Uhm… It’s hard to said specific country where do we like the most. If there’s a stage in everywhere, we (2PM) will do our best performing.

Taecyeon: For me… it’s Indonesia.. maybe I’ll debut as soloist here. Because Indonesian fans are very enthusiastic! They’ll sing and dance along with us, that’s why.

Q: What is the different and more exciting performing overseas than in Korea?

Wooyoung: We started this tour in Korea and we also performed in America. The difference maybe the fans’ character, we must adjust our performance to their culture each country. For example, in Indonesia they like to sing along and dance.

Q: After this tour ended, is there any project ahead?

Taecyeon: It’s secret~ muahahahaha. After this tour ended, we’ll focused on Japanese album on April/May. Then we’ll have Korean comeback on June/July.

Q: What’s the difficulties while recording “Go Crazy” album?

Taecyeon: The lyrics for the rap part is different and hard. As each song have different feel and lyrics so it’s hard to get the feel.

Chansung: Yeah, (Taecyeon shouted: malhajima! malhajima! (don’t tell!)) well…actually it’s similar.

Q: The difference of Indonesian Hottest with other?

Chansung: Each country have different fans. For example in Japan, they will focused on our performances, while in Korea, it’s like heart to heart performances.

Taecyeon: In Indonesia, since it’s hot here, their enthusiasm is even hotter.

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