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Drama ‘Scholar Who Walks The Night’ is still looking for the right cast members

MBC’s upcoming drama ‘Scholar Who Walks The Night’ is still looking for the right actors and actresses to play in the drama.

The drama that is based on a manhwa (Korean comic) with the same title is about a handsome scholar/vampire named Kim Sung Yeol who sells books. He hides his real identity by disguising as a man named Yang Sun.

Some famous actors, like Kim Soo Hyun and Park Hae Jin reported to have been offered the role as Kim Sung Yeol.

However, a source from MBC Drama said actor Lee Jun Ki has been offered to act in a fantasy drama that is set in the Joseon dynasty. Actress Han Groo is also reported to take part in the drama.

“Lee Jun Ki and Han Groo have received offers from the production team of ‘Scholar Who Walks The Night’. Their participation has not been confirmed yet and are still in talks,” said a source from MBC Drama, as quoted by Newsen.

“There is still enough time until its broadcasting date, so the process of selecting cast is still in progress,” they continued.

The drama is scheduled to premiere in July.


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