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F.T. Island Revealed Pre-released Track for 5th Album, ‘To The Light’

Prior to F.T. Island’s official release of their 5th album, they revealed a song to give us an idea of the album with a pre-released track and MV of ‘To The Light’.

As revealed by FNC Entertainment, ‘To The Light’ is a track pre-released before the whole album, and the main track titled ‘Pray’. Judging from this pre-released track, it seems that F.T. Island will be going in a hard rock direction, much to the anticipation of fans.

FNC Entertainment also gave a timeline towards the album release as follow:

3/18 AM 00:00 TRACK LIST
3/23 00:00 AM FTISLAND 5th Album ‘I WILL’ all tracks revealed
3/23 12:00 PM M/V Revealed
3/23 FTISLAND 5th Album ‘I WILL’ album released

F.T. Island’s 5th album ‘I Will’ will be released on the 23rd. Give a listen to ‘To The Light’ below, and tell us how you liked the track!

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