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White Day With Kim Woo Bin in Indonesia 2015 : A Short Hello With Mr. Silent, Honest Guy

14 March 2015. Finally, Indonesian Wooribin’s dream came true! Almost out of nowhere, early this year it was announced that one of Korea’s most trending hearthrob recently, model-turned-actor Kim Woo Bin will come to Jakarta. And yes, yesterday, he did fulfill the schedule and meet thousand of fans in Kasablanka Hall, Jakarta, on the event “The Moment of Kim Woo Bin in Asia 2015, White Day With Kim Woo Bin in Indonesia.”_MG_4582

It was around 18.30pm WIB when the the tall guy entered the room in his overall white suit-combined with soft pink shirt inside, making the hall filled with loud cheers.  After serenading fans for a while, he changed mic and greeted the fans in Korean, “Hello, I’m Kim Woo Bin from Korea. Nice to meet you,” thus officially starting the fanmeeting.

What is spending 1 and half an hour with Kim Woo Bin feels like?

To be honest, it was rather short. After the first ment, the event moved on to the VCR showcase of Kim Woo Bin’s past dramas, such as School 2013 and of course his mega hit, The Heirs. Fans were shouting all along whenever a clip was shown, especially when it involved another actors or actresses such as Lee Jong Suk, Lee Min Ho, or Park Shin Hye. During this session, the 89 liner talked about what the drama also what his co-stars meant to him, in which he stated, “Lee Jong Suk is an important partner to me as we’ve went through many things together,” also, “I think I am this famous in Indonesia thanks to The Heirs. That I am loved through Choi Young Do is thanks to the writers of The Heirs.” Nearing the end of the VCR session, he promoted a coffee which he currently endorses, involving lucky fans to have a date-like short coffee time with him. During that time, a lucky fan asked what is your favorite words, and he replied with “Happiness.” He also stated that he will “give it a thought” when the fan said she wanted to see the ‘dino guy’ acting in a historical drama._MG_4645

Moving on next, after a short break, Woo Bin came back in a pale blue trouser, combined with white t-shirt and white sweater, completing a sweet, romantical look. It was the beginning of the ‘White Day’ session with fans, when he picked some lucky fans and interacted directly with them. There were four girls who got the chance to reenact drama scenes with him, such as Choi Young Do holding Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye), and there was also a lucky fan from Cianjur who got a necklace personally worn secretly by Kim Woo Bin that night. _MG_4836

Before the event came to an end, there was  a surprise VCR from Wooribin Indonesia. The VCR displayed the members’ eagerness and thankfulness towards Kim Woo Bin coming to Indonesia, their present for the actor about Indonesia which was sent years ago, also their warm wishes for their star. After the VCR, Kim Woo Bin was also suprised with a banner event which translates as “We will always be here forever,” in which he lightly nods to. He then displayed his perfectionist side straightly through his honest-witty comment, “Although there are some mistakes in the Hangeul, thank you so much for this. I will come back here as soon as possible.” Ending his time in Jakarta, he also wished his fans to always be happy and well until they can meet again. He then serenaded his fans with another song before fading out to the backstage._MG_5392

Concluding the fanmeeting, although it was indeed short and there was difficulty to get a proper signal inside the venue, we believe it was a memorable time for Kim Woo Bin and also his Indonesian fans. Thank you Enstar Entertainment for this chance and see you in the next event!


(p.s : you can check out more photos of the fanmeeting in our FB later! ^^)

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