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[Press Conference] KWBID2015, What is Kim Woo Bin Actually Like?

It was around the hottest time of the day on March 14, 2015 when a tall figure entered the room in his jet black suit, bowing politely to the media crew waiting inside. Approaching the provided bench, the smooth skinned, really small headed guy then sat while crossing his long legs gracefully, greeting the translator-MC then introducing himself and getting ready to answer the questions directed to him. Before we provide you the questions and answers, let us tell you again (for your information) that he was wearing a black suit, black t-shirt, black nylon-fitting pant, combined with a metallic watch and a black pantofel without any visible socks. Also, as what we've mentioned in our live tweets, although exterior wise he indeed looked like a cool city guy, sometimes his habit will make him look either cute or very Kim Woo Bin, for example when he puffed air to his bangs while searching for the best words or when he habitually lifts one of his eyebrows. (Please note that answers in this post may have been shortened)

Between being model and actor, which one do you prefer?

Because now I spend my time mostly being an actor, so for now I prefer being an actor.

The best model-turned-actor to you?

Cha Seung Won-sunbaenim. I respect him a lot.

What do you often do with The Five Models? (Kim Young Kwang, Lee Soo Hyuk, Bang Sung Joon, Hong Jong Hyun, and Kim Woo Bin himself)

Because of our schedules, of course going on a trip abroad together is hard. But we often meet, have a meal together or drink in a cafe together. Chatting and sharing our experiences, things like that.

What are you expecting next?

Presently, I am expecting the release of my next movie “Twenty” along with Lee Jun Ho of 2PM and Kang Ha Neul.  

How do you usually prepare for a drama/movie?

I do a research on the film also the character I will be playing beforehand.

Plans for Hollywood?

It is still on a progress (it will still take a long time).

Your favorite fashion style?

The one that fits my body, importantly it has to be comfortable.

Your real personality?

I am actually a quiet person. On my spare time, I like to read books or to watch movies.

If you’re not a celebrity, what will you be?

Hmm.. Office worker?

Friendship with Lee Jong Suk? Have you ever gossiped between yourselves about how popular you are now?

Well, we don’t. We talk about our works but we don’t gossip about that between ourselves.

 Role model drama/film to you?

Will Smith’s Pursuit of Happiness. At a point of my life I was in the bottom too and I can totally relate to the movie. I cried over it.

A character (from your dramas) that resembles you the most?

There are bits of me in the characters on the dramas I starred in. They are me.

Your favorite fashion item?

Boots. I really like boots but I can’t wear it often because my work needs me to look neat.

Actor/actress that you want to act together with?

There are so many of them. But when I said it (my wishes) they usually don’t come true so I will just keep it to myself.

Have you ever thought of working behind the screen?

For now, no.  I want to gain knowledge and experience in front of the screen first. After I gained enough knowledge, maybe then I will try to challenge working behind the screen.

This is White Day, what will you give to Indonesian fans?

Because this is the first time, I will gaze at them/give them my gaze first *jokingly gazed at the moderator, making her flustered*

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