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Drama ‘Spy’ Reachs It’s Ending, JYJ’s Jaejoong Expresses Happiness to Work With Great Actors

KBS’s drama ‘Spy’ starring JYJ’s Jaejoong, Baek Jong Ok, Yu Oh Seung, Go Sung Hee, and Jo Dal Hwan finished its broadcasting period on March 7.

Jaejoong who portrayed main character Kim Seo Nu expressed his happiness for his chance to act with great actors. He also wasn’t sure when would he have this great chance again.

“I’m so happy that I could work with great actors. It was just great. I even think when will I be able to work with them again,” he told Asia Today.

He also did not forget to thank his loyal fans and viewers who always supported him and watched the drama from the beginning until the end.

“I really regret I have to say goodbye to this drama, which I think 16 episodes are too short. Thank you for your support until the last episode,” he continued.

Meanwhile, Jaejong becomes the first JYJ member who will enter the army. As a Korean citizen, the actor-singer will complete his mandatory army service starting from March 31.


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