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Super Junior-M’s Henry Apologizes For Joining ‘We Got Married’

Super Junior M’s Henry seems to worry a lot that his fans will leave him after he joined MBC’s virtual marriage program, ‘We Got Married Season 4′.

The idol who finally picked Yewon as his on-screen wife left a voice message on Flitto, relaying his apology.

“Good morning everybody… Yeah, I’m sorry I got you guys all worried with my last post. I just did not know how to tell you guys and did not, you know, want you guys to be hating me and all that. But, um, yeah. I just hope you guys can support Yewon as much as you guys support me. And yeah, have a nice day everybody. I miss you guys,” said Henry

The idol had previously posted a mysterious post, explaining that he will always think about his fans and asking them not to hate him without specific reason. The message instantly created a rumour of him leaving Super Junior-M. It turned out later that it was all about his participation in the reality show.

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1 Comment on Super Junior-M’s Henry Apologizes For Joining ‘We Got Married’

  1. ilangilang // March 7, 2015 at 3:36 PM // Reply

    If they leave you for that then let them fucking leave.


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