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Lee Byung Hun’s Blackmailers Sentenced To Three Years In Jail

Model Lee Ji Yun and Dahee were sentenced to three years in prison for blackmailing Lee Byung Hun at the first appeal trial held at the Seoul Central District court yesterday, March 5.

The court reasoned that they were not sincerely reflecting on their actions, as a result, each of them has been sentenced to three years in jail. Initially, they were respectively sentenced for one year and two months, and one year.

Their prosecutors believed the sentences were unfair because the actor had sent a letter to the court, stating that he had accepted their clients’ apologies. Moreover, they have also admitted their mistakes.

“The letter that Lee Byung Hun sent to the court means that he does not want them to be punished, so it is like a settlement. We are requesting for an appeal because the victim has accepted their apologies. The case was not intentional and not met. They have admitted their mistakes and are still very young,” Lee Ji Yun and Dahee’s persecutor said, as quoted by Nate.

However, the prosecutor has a different opinion on the apologies, they viewed they are not completely repentant.

“The accused carefully conspired and even when they sent an apology note, they claimed they have different views, so we could not tell if they are really sorry,” the accused said.

Lee Ji Yun and Dahee were in cahoots in blackmailing Lee Byung Hun, by demanding KRW 50 million or approximately US$ 45,000. If he did not give them the money, they threatened they would spread a video that they secretly took, containing the actor’s intimate moment with them.

The second appeal trial will be held on March 26.

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