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Find Out Which Korean Food Often Appear in K-Drama

Watching K-drama is like watching the Korean culture and witnessing the daily lives of people in Korea, representing the Korean fashion, trends and also food. Thanks to K-drama, the trend of Korean food has become more popular among international fans and public.

While there are a lot of food stars in K-drama, do you realize that there are some food that become the stars after they are shown a number of times in various drama? Can you recognize some of these food in the drama that you currently watch?


1. Tteokbokki
Tteokbokki is a popular street food from Korea made from soft rice cake, fish cake, and sweet red chilli sauce. Originally, there are different types of tteokbokki, but the most popular one is the spicy tteokbokki sold at street vendors or pojangmacha.


2. Ramyeon
Another popular snack food that became popular through K-drama is ramyeon or Korean instant noodle. Ramyeon has a particular taste of spiciness thanks to the generous amount of chilli powder in its seasoning. Another popular type is cheese ramyeon, which can be made by adding a slice of cheese on top of hot ramyeon.


3. Kimchi
Kimchi, one of the icons of Korean cuisine, is a traditional fermented dish made of vegetables with variety of seasonings. While it has more than 100 types coming from different regions in Korea, the most famous one is baechu kimchi made from cabbage. Served as a main side dish, it is no wonder Kimchi always made its appearance in Korean drama.


4. Seaweed soup
Seaweed soup, or miyeokguk is a simple dish made from miyeok (sea mustard) as its main ingredient. The soup which is widely consumed in homes and restaurants in Korea usually makes its appearance in a drama at birth and birthday events, as it usually consumed on birthdays, as a reminder of the first food that a mother eats and pass on to her newborn through her milk.


5. Samgyupsal
The grilled belly pork is a famous dish which can be enjoyed in different occasions with friends and family. K-drama usually features samgyupsal in gathering events such as late night chat with best friends, or office dinner with colleagues.


6. Kimbap
The name kimbap comes from the combination of dried laver seaweed (kim) and white rice (bap). It is a popular snack dish made from steamed white rice and various other ingredients, rolled inside a sheet of dried laver seaweed (kim). With its variety of ingredients and easy preparation, kimbap becomes a popular food for picnic and lunch box, both in real life and in Korean drama.


7. Roasted Sweet Potato
Roasted sweet potato is a perfect snack in winter time with its sweet and warm taste which explains why it always seems to appear in the winter scene inside K-drama. Some drama add kimchi on top of it, the way Koreans like to eat it.


8. Fried Chicken
Korean fried chicken is a late night dish which is usually enjoyed with beer (chimaek) and cola (chicol) while watching sports. There are also different types of seasoning, from deep fried, to sweet and spicy sauce. While fried chicken has been appeared in a lot of Korean drama, ‘My Love from the Star’ has turned fried chicken into a new trend in China and other Asian countries.

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  1. [zest][아리] // March 7, 2015 at 5:21 PM // Reply

    If only it were food and drink… soju wouldve had topped the list lols


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