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Donghae & Eunhyuk: We Want To Be The Representative Unit of Super Junior

Donghae and Eunhyuk have has said that they see themselves as the representative unit of Super Junior.

“Even though we (Super Junior) have a lot of unit, we set out with a mindset to be the representative of all unit while doing our D&E activity. All this time we have already produced a lot of songs but this is our first album. We heard a lot of the wishes for an album from Korean fans. We hope this album will become a big gift for them,” said Eunhyuk during the showcase of ‘The Beat Goes On’, March 5 at SMTOWN Coex Artium, Seoul.

When asked about the pressure of releasing an album right after Kyuhyun’s, which received a lot of love from the public, D&E state that they feel no pressure at all.

“We didn’t have any pressure regarding the (future) result (of this album). Although Kyuhyun received a good result, D&E also has its own charm. Two of us are involved a lot in the album making, and as much as we put our work in it, we tried not to think about the result, not to stress out, and instead discuss a lot to just have fun during the promotion activity,” said Eunhyuk.

Super Junior D&E have just released their first album, ‘The Beat Goes On’ with the title track ‘Growing Pains’ on online music portals. The physical album will be out on March 9.

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