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f(x)’s Amber Labels Henry and Jackson as Players

Amber has labelled her pals, Super Junior’s Henry and GOT7′s Jackson as players, when she appeared as a guest star on MBC’s ‘Radio Star’. She also explained the reason why those two hunks were such players.

“Henry oppa is really good to girls but he’s also a player. He does something nice to one person and then does the same thing to another person somewhere else,” she said and laughed.

Jackson is in the same boat, he has also been labelled as a player too. But, she considered him more as an ‘amateur player’.

“He’s a player too. It’s because he’s young, and it’s cute. He tries to act like a player, but really, he’s very good to people and loyal,” she commented.

Thanks to their playful nature, Henry has been rumored having a special relationship with Amber. In response, the Los Angeles born songstress denied it by saying: “Henry oppa is already like a real older brother to me.”

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