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[FEATURE] Which Jongsuk character do you like the most?

Lee Jongsuk, a young actor who started his career as a runway model in 2005 has received a lot of praise from both the public and the film industry in South Korea for his acting skills. Despite only making his acting debut in 2010, Lee Jongsuk has been impressive in demonstrating his ability in playing different characters ranging from a high school student to a genius doctor.
Check out out some of his unique characters from different dramas and movies below:

Genius musician (Secret Garden)

In ‘Secret Garden’ Lee Jongsuk played as Han Taesun, a genius young musician discovered by Oska (Yoon Sanghyun) in Jeju Island. Although Secret Garden was his second drama, Jongsuk was not afraid to explore the cold gay character of Sun.
Table tennis athlete (As One)
‘As One’ is a movie about the unified tennis table team of North and South Korea who won the gold medal at the 1991 World Table Tennis Championships in Chiba, Japan. In this movie, Lee Jongsuk starred as Choi Kyungsub, one of the athletes from North Korea. While he was not the main character, Jongsuk managed to portray the young, innocent yet suspicious North Korean athlete with his accent and acting.
Airforce Pilot (R2B: Return to Base)
Another unique character that Lee Jongsuk got was one as an airforce pilot in the movie R2B: Return to Base. Here, Jongsuk played as the bright rookie pilot Ji Seokhyun who was stranded in North Korea.

Rebel highschooler (School 2013)
Playing as a highschooler seems to be one of Lee Jongsuk’s specialty. From the drama ‘High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged’ to the movie ‘Hot Young Bloods’, Lee Jongsuk has played different types of highschool students with different characteristics. His role as Go Namsoon in ‘School 2013’, however might be the most memorable one for the public and fans.
Go Namsoon is a model class president in his high school with a dark past as a gangster leader. Together with Kim Woobin, Jongsuk created one of most loved OTP character for their friendship and bromance as Go Namsoon and Park Heungsoo.
Young psychic (I hear Your Voice)
Another highschooler role can be seen in fantasy drama ‘I Hear Your Voice’ where Jongsuk played as Park Sooha, a boy who has supernatural ability to read people’s minds by looking into their eyes. Together with Jang Hyesung (Lee Boyoung), a public lawyer, they work together to help her clients in court.
Young scholar (The Face Reader)
Lee Jongsuk attempts his first historical movie in ‘The Face Reader’ as Jinhyeong, the son of Naegyeong, the most skillful face reader in Joseon. Here you can see Jongsuk trying out his historical accent while visualizing the honest and righteous scholar from Joseon dynasty.
Swimming athlete (No Breathing)
‘No Breathing’ is a movie about the friendship and competition between young swimming athletes. Jongsuk plays as Jung Woosang, a national swimmer with an ambitious personality who always aims for first position. Not only does he show off his fabulous acting as an arrogant swimmer, you can also drool over his well-built figure as Jongsuk appears with only his swimming pants in the scenes.
Casanova (Hot Young Bloods)
Yet another highschooler role from Lee Jongsuk can be seen in the movie ‘Hot Young Bloods’. After showing his skills in playing a rebellious and psychic highschooler, in ‘Hot Young Bloods’ Jongsuk transformed into a Joonggil, a coward casanova who runs here and there to woo girls in his school. In this movie Jongsuk not only shows off his flirting skills, but also his perfect Jeolla accent.
Genius doctor (Doctor Stranger)
‘Doctor Stranger’ is a drama about Park Hoon, a genius doctor who was trained in North Korea. Here Jongsuk shows off his ability in holding scalpels during surgery. The drama focuses its plot on politics and the events that occur between top hospital Myungwoo University Hospital and the government of South and North Korea.
Talented reporter (Pinocchio)
The last drama featuring Lee Jongsuk, ‘Pinocchio’, highlights his reputation as a talented and sharp young news reporter. Struggling with his past, his love interest and his belief, Lee Jongsuk gives an insight into the idea of justice and ugly truth from the journalistic point of view.
From the characters above, which Jongsuk character do you like the most?

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