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EXID’s ‘Up and High’ Special MV for LG Uplus Hits 5.6 Millions Views on YouTube

Recent sensational group EXID has proven their power once again by hitting a huge number of views on YouTube for their special ‘Up and High’ MV for telecommunication provider LG Uplus.

Up to date, the commercial video that was released on February 17 on the company’s YouTube channel has reached more than 5.6 millions views on the video sharing website.

The video brings an altered lyrics to promote the company, and is dominated with pastel colors that live up the freshness of this addicted song.

Moreover, the video has also been listed on Billboard’s official website and various local and international K-pop music charts.

‘Up and High’ is the song that the group released in August last year. Thanks to fan-taken video, this song successfully topped number one spots in various music charts and music programs.

Meanwhile, EXID is currently preparing for a new single to be released in March.

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