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Yoo Seung Ho Gears Up for Acting in Movie ‘The Joseon Magician’

Yoo Seung Ho has been set to act as the main character in new movie ‘The Joseon Magician’, and seriously prepping to do his best. This is his first work after he completed his mandatory military service in December.

“I have high expectations especially since this is the first project that I am involved in since my discharge. The two years of hiatus was really big for me. I thought, ‘Would I be able to do well?’ What’s certain is that I have a bigger sense of responsibility that I did not have two years ago,” he said as quoted by Osen.

In the movie that is directed by Kim Dae Sung, he acts as Hwan Hee, the most famous magician in the Joseon dynasty, who fell in love with a girl and trapped in a big conspiracy.

The 21-year-old actor will show high level of magician tricks that he had practiced before he started filming. He had also practiced martial arts so he could bring his character to life, a strong man who would do anything for his beloved person.

“Although I’m not sure how long it will take for me to get used to work again, I will try my best. I have asked for help and support from senior actors,” he continued.

In addition, the movie also stars Go Ah Ra who acts as Princess Cheong Myeong, Kwak Do Won as Gui Wol who holds a grudge against the magician, and Jo Yeon Hee as Bo Eum, a beautiful gisaeng who is blind.





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