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tvN Unveils Main Picture and Detail Schedule for ‘Let’s Eat 2’

Cable channel tvN has released the main picture and detail schedule for upcoming drama, ‘Let’s Eat 2′.

The second series of this mokbang (eating scenes) drama will run every Monday and Tuesday and start to air on April 6 at 11 p.m. KST.

In the main picture, Yoon Doojoon, Seo Hyunjin and Kwon Ryool, show their own way to enjoy the food. Doojoon, who plays the main character of food expert Goo Daeyoung, is seen pouring in the sauce for Tangsuyuk (deep-fried pork) and Seo Hyunjin takes a dip of sauce, meanwhile Kwon Ryool calmly eat Jumokbap (rice ball).

‘Let’s eat 2′ will bring the story of Goo Daeyoung meeting his childhood friend, Baek Suji, starring Seo Hyunjin. The main picture hints the episode will show a dilemma for Koreans while eating Tangsuyuk: pouring vs dipping the sauce.

Get ready to get tantalized by Goo Daeyoung’s eating series!

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