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Jay Park, Dok2, Mad Clown, and Wheesung Revealed to be Collaborating with Ga In for Ga In’s New Album

Today, Ga In raised more expectations towards her upcoming album “Hawwah” by revealing the names of artists that she collaborated with for the upcoming album. There are four mentioned names that we K-Pop fans must be already familiar with: Jay Park, Dok2, Mad Clown, and Wheesung.


Ga In, who will have two title tracks for this upcoming album, “Apple” and “Free Will” – collaborated with Jay Park and Dok2 for each title tracks. Jay Park is featured in “Apple”, while Dok2 is featured in “Free Will”. For Mad Clown and Wheesung, they’re involved in songwriting process for “Free Will” and Guilty.


“Hawwah” will have 6 tracks, and scheduled to be released on March 12, midnight.


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