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Special Anniversary with Special Team, 5 years of KoreanUpdates and still going strong!


This is Edwin Joo. It has been an amazing journey for my team and me, making sure that KoreanUpdates will be always get the “updates” everyday while we are also busy with individual jobs, assignments and projects. I’m sorry if sometimes we didn’t provide quick updates, we might be very very busy that day. is not an official media company, but we work with our partners as professional as possible, but sometimes due to personal reasons we might not be able to update on news.

The current Team, or we called ourselves as KU Family members, are the best team I’ve ever made. It has be almost a year without new member, and some of them already being with KU for 3 years and counting. As we grow old together, we learnt that we need one another, we befriend each other, we also becoming best friends. They are special team.

It has been almost 11 years for me to know and being a Kpopper, as I aged with it, I think Kpop is really a music genre that makes me find my current best friends. But also to meet some “friends” that stab on your back when they are becoming bigger than us. 🙂

Being a special partner of Korean Wave Indonesia or, I learned that we need each other by being supportive, ignoring jealousy and ego, so we can grow together into Indonesia biggest. Thank you Iqbal for trusting me and KoreanUpdates.

Yes24 Indonesia, Kyochon Indonesia, Bonchon Indonesia, Berrybenka, Synergism Entertainment, Penerbit Haru, and JiveMovies, are some of the partners that still working well with us, some of them already for more than 4 years. It is so amazing to have them, Thank You.

And many other partners we have like Kpopzone, Creative Disc, Dreamers Radio and Topkpop, Thank you.

And you, our readers, our followers, our Jjangers, the best readers and followers, Thank You.

To the current KoreanUpdates Family Members In Indonesia: Zest, Vanessa, Rizka, Masajeng, Ajeng, Nonie, Ashya and Lamir, thank you so much, let’s work for a better KoreanUpdates in 2015, together. To KU Family in SG: Jen, Phoebe and friends, thank you. To KU Family in Msia: Kahwai, thank you. To KU Family in PH: Louise, thank you! To our special KU Family: Stefanny!

To the ex-KoreanUpdates Family members: Our 1st admin after me, Debby, our 2nd admin, Karen. And then Amelia, Arsi, Sekar, Audrey, and many more, I’m sorry i can’t remember your name. But Thank You for putting strong foundation for KoreanUpdates.

So what’s next for KoreanUpdates?

We are excited to look forward the future.

Let’s walk together. Let’s dream together.


5pecial Anniversary, wow~ Last year I said it was a “solid four years”; like an achievement we have got by staying strong and face all the difficulties just to be acknowledged as one of the longest running news sites among other Korean-related sites. But five years feels serene; it is like we have surpass the limits and that we can do things with ease and have no one to prove ourselves to :3

In the span of two years I have been in this family, I have learned too many things to mention; yet, the more I know, the more I feel that I know very little of Korea, its culture including K-Pop, other Korean related things, and journalism. They were all foreign to me and I couldn’t have had imagined myself being what I am today four years ago when I was “thrown into this madness” 😀 But now I have KoreanUpdates family, I have friends from all over the world, I’ve been to places, all thanks to KoreanUpdates: the lessons I’ve learned, the opportunities I’ve been given, the supports I have got.
KoreanUpdates may not be entitled the best news site for Korean-related things but we are developing; I hope this year I can see to it that KoreanUpdates family has more experiences and that we can proudly say “this is our striving for a better us.”


 Time flies fast, it’s been my 2+ years in KoreanUpdates /yuhuu~/ KoreanUpdates has been my place to improve my skills, meeting the great team and great friends, and experience the unusual events. I probably more active in KU than in my campus, I remember how I must learn one of design software by my self because I must make a video for KU as my first task. The ‘pressure’ makes me learn even more than I used to. The other thing that I treasure is the team and… again.. I think I interact with KU family more than my high school friends right now. I found a new family who can help and support me both in my study, work, and of course for those Kpop thing. As KU is now finally reach it’s 5th year, Happy 5th Anniversary! Thanks for the experience and let us stick as family for long long time~ hohohoho ;P


 KU itu udah ngajarin saya banyak banget hal terutama seputar dunia media. Ga hanya dikasih kesempatan buat ngerasain jadi admin, penulis blog, dan reporter, di KU saya juga belajar cara nulis buku dan produksi majalah. Dan tambah seneng lagi karena KU ga cuma ngasih banyak pengalaman dan ilmu baru, tapi bikin temen saya tambaaaah banyak. Pokoknya seneng banget di KU!


Being in KoreanUpdates reminds me of the things I really love and have passion for, the love of K-pop. Despite my hectic school days when I first joined, and the never seem to end work load on having a job now, updating and peeking in the updates by KU fellow members, gathering, and doing event reports, will make me smile and remember where my heart and passion lies. TBH working in a multinational rots ones soul, and i feel bad not being to contribute as much, but to always be reminded of your passion, is what makes you strive and live. Keep it together and strong, guys!


Thank you!



To me, KU is?
Friends! To me, KU Fam are friends that I’m grateful to meet. Grateful to meet, to work, to learn with. Even before I joined, KU was already doing great. I’m thankful that 2 years ago these amazing persons let me in, I’m thankful for our time together too. I hope that even in the faraway future, these days that we spend together will continue to be meaningful to us. Hopefully, we can grow bigger than now too!
So, Happy Anniversary, Happy 5th Birthday KoreanUpdates! 🙂 All the best for us in the following steps to take ^^


 Happy 5th Birthday to the most awesome place I’ve ever worked in, KoreanUpdates! Semoga KU semakin sukses dan makin lebar ‘cakar’ nya di dunia  per-K-Pop-an Indonesia dan kalo bisa di dunia, LOL. Terimakasih karena sudah  sering banget jadi sumber  inspirasiku buat banyak hal dan udah jadi tempat buat  ketemu temen-temen baru  yang super seru. Luv KU <3<3


 Get to know a lot of mature kpop friends (lmao),new memories,experiences and many more. Write a kpop news make me realize their world isnt as sweet as they showed,but the sweat and blood they shed were paid for.


 What’s poppin’!! Happy birthday yang ke-5 buat KoreanUpdates!! /o/ Meskipun aku baru sekitar setengah tahun di KoreanUpdates, masih seumur jagung, KoreanUpdates bener-bener kaya family buat aku. Ga butuh waktu lama untuk bisa deket sama yang lainnya karena emang bener2 friendly dan kekeluargaan yang erat banget. Semoga ke depannya KoreanUpdates bisa selalu jadi media portal all about korean yang paling terdepan, teraktual dan panjang umurnyaaah! Sukses terus ya buat KU! Keep up the good works! 우리 천천히같이걷자 화이팅해야함!! 한번더 생일ㅊㅋㅎ<3 ❤




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