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EXID’s Agency Denied Hani’s Blind Items Rumor

There’re 4 blind items that spreading fast, previously we wrote about the male idol who’s currently preparing a lawsuit against his agency. Another blind item was titled “Idol A is sex toy of a married-middle-aged actor B”.

The report stated:

A popular group member just earned popularity (albeit late) and found having affair with one of top middle-aged actors. Their relationship began when A debut, A will go out whenever B (the actor) called her for their sexual relationship. B has a perverted side and A can fulfills that. Their relationship already widely known by insiders of the industry. Everyone is amazed how A can handle such a man.

As they stated “late popularity” netizens began assuming it’s EXID’s Hani who’s lately gaining attention because of her fancam. However, her agency denied the blind item rumor. “It’s absurd. We’ll taking legal actions before this things become bigger issue. We say this once more, the gossip about Hani is definitely not true and we’ll take legal actions for those who keep spreading this gossip.” 

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