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Taeyang RISE in Jakarta: A Sexy Valentine’s Day Performance to Remember

Held right on February 14th, Taeyang successfully created a valentine’s day you’ll never forget! Taeyang (Dong Yongbae), a member of the group BIGBANG, delivered a 2 hour long solo performance during his concert in Jakarta, as part of his 2015 world tour titled RISE. Since the concert kick off at a bit over 6:30pm, Taeyang brought a very energetic and sexy performance throughout the concert, pleasing fans with his witty stage acts and fan services. It was a performance full of sexiness and perfection, sexy voice, sexy dances, and also not to mention, his sexy body that he showed off many times.

The first songs ‘Body’, ‘Superstar’, and ‘Move’ got the audience hyped and jumping already, the lighting and background screen which was dominated in red and gold to symbolise the sun also helped to create a hot atmosphere since the beginning. Taeyang toned down the hype when he sat and played the electric keyboard singing ‘You’re My’. It was then followed by ‘I Need a Girl’, where Taeyang picked a lucky fan to join him on stage during the performance, making lots of fans go jealous!

The next set of songs were very much toned down than the beginning, where the 2014 hit song ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’ was performed with very much perfection, so perfect you cannot differentiate the voice quality in the live performance and the CD. ‘Only Look at Me’ was performed afterwards, followed by ‘Wedding Dress’, where not only he got us in awe of his voice but also to the signature dance, not to mention Taeyang ripped his shirt off at the end of the song, making fans go wild. ‘This Ain’t It’ was also performed before coming to a short break.

Performing a rock rendition of ‘Ringa Linga’ accompanied by the HiTec and Crazy dancers, Taeyang got the audience jumping once again, followed by ‘Breakdown’ and ‘1AM’. G-Dragon decided to make a surprise by appearing on the LED screen during ‘Stay With Me’ and ‘Good Boy’, much to the delight of the fans. Since it was valentine’s day, Taeyang cheekily asked ‘What do you want from me? Is it my hat? My shirt? or my underwear? or sneakers?”, which then he handpicked himself 2 lucky ticket numbers to receive a special gift from him. Ending the ticket drawing session, he performed ‘Let Go’ and another rock rendition, of the song ‘Love You to Death’.

Coming to an end, BIGBANG’s hit songs ‘Bad Boy’ and ‘Fantastic Baby’ was performed, before Taeyang did an encore of ‘Ringa Linga’ ending it with an impressive summersault. Taeyang made the concert feel like it is never ending when he took off his shirt and sang again to ‘Body’, and finally ending it with ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’.

Taeyang showed perfect vocal and dancing skills, as well as incredible stage acts. He seems to never lose his energy as he constantly dances enthusiastically and runs from one side of stage to the other a lot of times. Despite the stage wasn’t much, the lighting covered it up and managed to make the performance rememberable. When the show was coming to an end, Taeyang also asked us to keep an eye on BIGBANG as there are working hard for their come back right now. Jakarta seems to make a great impression on him, as he performed a very long encore making the concert to seem like it is never ending.

In the end, since it is valentine’s, the concert staff gave out free chocolates at the end of the show.

Thank you Taeyang for making a memorable valentine’s day, we will definitely wait for your next visit here! And also thank you to Synergism Entertainment!

Here are some pictures from the RISE in Jakarta concert, keep an eye on our Facebook page for more picture updates!




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