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Dragon Blade to Release on Chinese New Year

The movie Dragon Blade (天将雄师) is about to release on Chinese New Year, 19 February 2015, in IMAX 3D.  Dragon Blade is filmed at a budget of ¥2 billion (US$65 million), a record breaking budget for a Chinese film. The film shoots in Dunhuang and the Gobi Desert, which form the dramatic natural backdrop. Inspired by true historical events, the story of Dragon Blade begins with the discovery of an ancient “military journal” featuring different totem symbols. Through clues within, two archeologists (Vanness Wu and Karena Lam) locate the ancient city of ”Li-Gan”, also known as Regum, unveiling the tale of a brave team of warriors in the Han Dynasty who maintained peace along the Silk Road.

dragon blade 02

The story revolves during the Han Dynasty, in 48BC Roman general Lucius crosses into China after being accused of treason. In the Gobi Desert, he fights and then befriends Huo An (Jackie Chan), a former high-ranking commander, who himself has been framed by corrupt court officials and forced into slavery. The encounter sparks a thrilling piece of history that has never before been told.

dragon blade 04

dragon blade 03

Aside of the mentioned actors and actress, Hollywood actors Adrien Brody and John Cusack also participate in this highly anticipated movie, alongside a K-Pop idol-turn-actor Super Junior Siwon. This 125-minute movie is one epic story that is worth waiting for; stay tuned for its release on this Chinese New Year 😉

Check out the trailer:

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