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Mad Clown’s “Fire” Ranks 1 on Music Charts, Beats Any Idol Songs

After released on January 9th, rapper Mad Clown's newest song "Fire" featuring Jinsil of Mad Soul Child continues to rank 1st on almost every music charts.

The rapper has managed to beat every idol songs on charts, including the strong contenders SHINee Jonghyun feat. Zion T’s “Deja Boo”, new sensation EXID’s “Up & Down”, and A-Pink’s popular “LUV”. Not to mention, “Fire” also took the lead from “Your Voice”, the newest ballad of Korea’s renown ballad singers Noel which was released on the 8th.

Mad Clown Jinsil

“Fire” is a hip-hop song with strong lyrics depicting a bad, destroying relationship. It is a part of his 3rd album “Piece of Mine”. Its MV has garnered quite an attention through the help of EXID’s Hani, who played the role of mad girlfriend of Mad Clown in the video. Along with her acting, Hani’s prescence in the MV alone has bring attention, as she has just recently became very popular in Korea through a fancam of EXID’s “Up & Down” performance.

If you haven’t checked the strong, out of ordinary MV, you can check it below.


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  1. his songs are great. He deserves it.


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