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Jung Yong Hwa-Verbal Jint Collaboration, Dragon Ball Concept?

After his recent collaboration with rapper YDG, Jung Yong Hwa has once again garnered attention for the title of his second collaboration track, which is revealed to be done with Verbal Jint, "원기옥".

If literally translated, 원기옥 (weon-gi-ok) means “energy blast”, the name of Goku’s move from the popular series Dragon Ball. As there is no further explanation on the name usage yet, it seems that fans’ curiosity will be answered only after the song is eventually released.

Counting down from this collaboration, Jung Yong Hwa and FNC Entertainment will announce another two remaining hidden collaboration artists & songs on 12 and 13 January respectively. Following that, the singer will finally release his first solo album on January 20.

Presently, Jung Yong Hwa’s “Mileage”, his collaboration track with renown rapper YDG which was released on January 9, averagely ranks on Top 40 in various music charts. In case you haven’t seen it’s quirky, pop-colored MV, you can check it below.


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