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MBK Entertainment Reported To Debut A Boygroup and Girlgroup This 2015

Earlier OSEN reported that T-ARA’s agency, MBK Entertainment (formerly known as Core Contents Media) preparing to debut 1 new boy group and 1 new girl group by this 2015.


Sangwon and Sungchae photos were revealed and it’s said that they will be the member of MBK’s new boy group which consist of 5 members. The debut date is not yet been specified but it’s written that they’re going to make a debut on summer. While recently OSEN also revealed that MBK also preparing for a new girl group which tagged as ‘T-ARA’s Little Sister’ by them. 3 members were revealed Heehyun, Eunjin, and Minhyun.


Through OSEN, MBK Entertainment also reveal their plans for T-ARA. They said they’ve prepare more projects for T-ARA in this 2015.

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