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Rookie Group “Pure Boy” Demand TVXQ To Perform As 5 Again

Seems that we’re not the only one who want TVXQ back as 5.

Recently, a rookie male group “Pure Boy” shared their thought on the group which split on 2010. They protest for the reunification of all five members of TVXQ, Jaejoong, Yunho, Changmin, Junsu, and Yoochun. Pure Boy chose Myeongdong as their place to speak up their protest, they said that TVXQ is the one who opened the way for Korean artist to go further in Japanese market.

They hold a sign “We want TVXQ as five member to take the stage once again”. They also acknowledge than thousands of fans around the world also want this to happen. Approximately 6 hours, they took turns to show their protest in Myeongdong. The rapper Ha Young said, “I grew up and dreaming to become a singer while watching TVXQ sunbaes. TVXQ was our pride and dream. I’m totally shocked when I heard their separation. TVXQ as five was the real king of Kpop in the states and the best ever.”

IT Entertainment director and co-CEO also felt the same, stating that TVXQ give a huge effect in Korean music industry and they’re the king of Kpop, they also asking for the two agencies to make up and make TVXQ back again as 5.

Pure Boy is a nine-member male group that debut in April 2014 under IT Entertainment. The 9 members are Ji Ho, Nan Kang, Hyo Bin, Jae Won, Young Bin, Jin Sung, Ha Young, Sang Min, and Sang Yoon.

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1 Comment on Rookie Group “Pure Boy” Demand TVXQ To Perform As 5 Again

  1. Wow! That was brave considering that they are the members of a rookie group. Salute though!
    I hope their wish will be granted. cause me and lot of others miss DB5K too.


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