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TS Entertainment Releases An Official Statement: “Unfair Contract and Slave Contract Is Not True”

Recently, there’s a shocking news about B.A.P who filed a lawsuit against their agency TS Entertainment.

Some media reported that B.A.P want to nullify their contract which made on March 2011. According to Korean news site, TS Entertainment had been gaining $9 million USD in a three year span since the contract with B.A.P was made, while the members only received $16,000 USD. There it goes, the ‘slave contract’ again spreading around the social media.

However, TS Entertainment finally speak up and said that ‘unfair contract’ and ‘slave contract’ is not true. “TS has supported B.A.P in various activities and to achieve mutual goal. After discussion and consideration for artist’s safety and health, we decided to cancelled all official schedule and provide some time for them to rest. We’re also discussing the future plan for the artist but then suddenly the lawsuit news broke up.”

After receiving that news, TS Entertainment currently checking it but the issue of ‘unfair contract condition’ and ‘slave contract’ is not true. There’s no one-sided and unfair treatment towards the artist. The company will handle this situation and lawsuit as soon as possible and we want to sincerely apologize for worrying everyone.”

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2 Comments on TS Entertainment Releases An Official Statement: “Unfair Contract and Slave Contract Is Not True”

  1. Its a lie of course !! poor b.a.p .. ts is unfair , bap dance a powerful choreography but they paid bap just a little . Aigoo, ts you better not be like sm


  2. Of course it’s not true. Just like every other situation. And you are not a liar, just like SME and others. What a shame.


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