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WINNER Nam Taehyun Apologize For His Words at GS Concert

WINNER’s Nam Taehyun once again swept in a controversy after his iljin rumor.

This time, he’s gained attention because of he was using banmal (informal terms) in recent concert. WINNER’s leader, Kang Seungyoon was about to give an introduction but the crowds were to loud and they barely heard Seungyoon’s voice. Therefore, the maknae, Taehyun speak up to reduce the loud cheer by saying “얘기하잖아” which means he’s (Seungyoon) talking right now, so please turn down your voice but in informal form.

Regarding this, some fans and attendance are feeling Taehyun being disrespectful but other fans also find that he’s just trying to be friendly with fans and just joking.

After this controversies arose among knetizens and also international fans, Taehyun officially apologize because of his short mind and using that words. He’s tend to be playful and want to get closer to fans, it’s not because of he’s angry. But as they interpret it differently, he’ll be careful for his words in the future.

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