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MBLAQ To Release Self-Composed Mini Album Without Broadcasting Activities

JTune Camp recently posted a mysterious teaser of MBLAQ, signaling that the group will release another new mini album before the concert.

MBLAQ is set to release their 7th mini album. The song will be ballad and it’s composed by the members. The agency stated, “MBLAQ will release its seventh mini album as a digital download on November 25” and the physical album also released at the same day.Yet they won’t participated in any broadcasting activities (promoting on music show). This will be very highly anticipated for fans as previously there had been a news about Lee Joon and Thunder leaving the group as their contract with JTune Camp has ended. However, both Lee Joon and Thunder said that they’re still discussing it whether to leave or stay.

MBLAQ also set to hold their concert “Curtain Call” on November 29-30th 2014.

Writers note: there’s a bit confussion about album release. Some source stated only digital sales, but others said physical album also released at the same day. Stay tuned for the exact information from J.Tune


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