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Race Start! Running Man Members Greet Fans in Jakarta

South Korean longest-running variety show, SBS Running Man, held their second fanmeeting entitled Race Start season 2 in Istora Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia on 25 October 2014. All members appeared in black outfit singing You Are My Destiny, soundtrack of the very popular drama You Who Came from the Star; although their voices were far from Lyn, the original singer, fans who attended the fanmeeting enjoyed and shouted excitedly at the performance.

Like K-Pop concerts, the fanmeeting was filled with songs, VCRs, and ments; however, this fanmeeting also presents fan-engaging games which are taken from Running Man episodes like ttakji and relay sit-up. Five lucky fans were drawn for every session of the games to play with Running Man members; both the fans and the members looked very excited to be able to play together.

running man (3) running man (2) running man (4) running man (5)

After games, Running Man members went for solo stages started with Ji Sukjin singing Eru’s Black Glasses, followed by Lee Kwangsoo singing Bogoshipda and ending his stage by throwing several roses to the front row audience. Song Jihyo sang The Scent of A Flower and LeeSsang’s Turn Off The TV with HaHa and Jongkook appearing as cameo wearing Kang Gary’s mask to cover their faces while dancing around Jihyo as the fans screamed Monday Couple. The stage continued with Kwangsoo and Sukjin aka Easy Brothers’ dancing to Trouble Maker, following the dance steps and even the costumes, meaning Kwangsoo wore long-hair wig with sexy leopard print dress, the audience roared in laughter throughout this epic performance. HaHa came to stage with few of his songs including Rosa and interacted with the fans, even splashing water around; he also sang Twist King with Kim Jongkook. The solo stages ended with Kim Jongkook, who was a singer in the first place, sang his own hit song, One Man; the sweet song brought fans to sing along. Jongkook continues his performance with Sunday Morning originally sung by Maroon 5, showing his capability as a singer and wrapping up the solo stages.

The MC, Dave Hendrik, called all the members for closing and Running Man sent their gratitutes towards Indonesian fans who came that night. Few Indonesian phrases like “Apa kabar?”, “Kalian semua manis,” “Mantap,” “Selamat malam,” and “Terimakasih” were thrown several times during the two-hour fanmeeting, Running Members especially Ji Sukjin tried hard to communicate with Indonesian fans through the simple phrases they had learnt.

As the stage went dark, fans chanted “Encore! Encore!” and finally all Running Man members came back to stage, singing and dancing to Kim Jongkook’s Loveable and moving around to greet and shake hand with fans. As they gave their final bow accompanied by a seemingly endless confetti shower, the members seemed reluctant to leave and end the fanmeeting, Kwangsoo and HaHa even stayed on the stage making heart sign together after the lights were turned off. Munial Sports Group has brought their third Korean-related fanmeeting to a success; overall it had been a memorable event for all Running Man fans who attended the fanmeeting. (zest)

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