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[Press Conference] Race Start Season 2 in Indonesia with Running Man

Running Man member’s Ji Sukjin, Kim Jongkook, Song Jihyo, Lee Kwangsoo, and Ha Donghoon/ HaHa arrived in Jakarta, Indonesia on October 24th and just in time, they held a press conference for the media and invitation.

They showed us their togetherness as they’ve been together in this 4 years in Running Man team and family. Their warm greetings and interactions wowed media, they also surprised when the media greet them in Korean. Here are some questions and answer that the media asked to them:

Q: Are you having problems after eating Indonesian food?

KJK: No, we like the food

JSJ: I’m glad that we can comeback here for the 2nd time. I’ve tried Nasi Goreng and I also want to try Mee Goreng which is hard to find in Korea. But Nasi Goreng is delicious!

KJK: No, we’ve never seen him eat Nasi Goreng in Korea… no.

HaHa: We’ve tried satay!

Q: Running Man have been running for more than 200 episodes, what makes Running Man still exist till today?

LKS: Our relationship in Running Man members are really close, I think that’s why Running Man still exist till today.

KJK and HaHa: Our fans! Their support makes Running Man stilll running till today. We’d like to thank our loyal fans who always watch Running Man.

Q: Which episode is the most memorable for you?

HaHa: Our new episode. We usually see Kim Jongkook using his physical strength and now he use his brain!

KJK: The episode in Indonesia when I must comb lion’s hair and the other interact with tiger. It’s also when Park JiSung joined us again in Running Man.

Q: Are you guys also spending your time together outside Running Man?

SJH: Yes, we sometimes eating together and almost everyday.

HaHa: Song Jihyo likes to drink alcohol! You know? Alcohol? And then hangover. /laughs/

Q: It’s been 4 years, are there any changes in your life after joining Running Man?

KJK and LKS : It’s like we’ve found a new family member. We also got to learn the culture overseas.

6 running man (1)

Q: Who is the public figure that you want him/her to be the permanent cast of Running Man?

JSJ: Song Jongki! We really want him to get back in Running Man as he only could join us till 39th episode.

HaHa: And also.. Lizzy!

Q: Are you guys preparing a special stage on tomorrow’s fanmeeting?

JSJ: I’m gonna sing Eru’s song, I heard he’s popular in Indonesia /then HaHa sing “Black Glasses’/

HaHa: Kim Jongkook will open his shirt to show his muscles which he built for years.

KJK: And HaHa will open his trousers if I did. /laughs/

The press conference ended with laughs and photo session. Thanks Munial Sport Group for this opportunity!

More photos here:

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