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Luhan and Lay Leave A Message Through Instagram and Weibo

Luhan finally spoke up through his personal Instagram and Weibo account regarding his lawsuit.

Luhan recently updated his instagram with a message “I just wanna all of you to know that I love you all” seems that this message sent to EXO-L who’s now sad after the news that Luhan is leaving.

He also updated his weibo saying “I went home“.

The fellow member Lay also post on his instagram “Everyone, I know you’re having hard time. Please be healthy, don’t forget to eat and gain some strength! I feel that our fans are the most hurt in this case, be strong!”




여러분 힘들지마요 건강하고 밥잘챙겨드시고 힘내!지금누구보다도 우리팬분들이 많이 힘들거같아서 힘내세요!

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1 Comment on Luhan and Lay Leave A Message Through Instagram and Weibo

  1. Luhan oppa leaving is nothing just be happy and healthy. Sarnghae oppa and jaiyo.WE ARE ONE.


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