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TVXQ Yunho Rumored Dating With Seo Ye Ji, Both Agency Denies

Starred in the same MBC drama “The Night Watchman”, TVXQ Yunho and the co-star, Seo Ye Ji rumored to be dating.

The insider told Sports Seoul that they develop a good relationship while filming the drama. But as there’re many people who’s watching them, they carefully hold their feelings on the set and comfortably date on the rest of the day (after filming). The insider also said that they indeed have a lot interactions in the drama and they’re being careful with their personal feeling, however they went to a date around Seoul. Because Yunho has a lot of fans who’s watching him, this couple is said prefer their date in a car.

One of the drama representative once stated, “We’ve noticed the two are developing feelings each other, even from the early phases of the drama. But they didn’t show it, maybe because they don’t want to harm the atmosphere in the drama. Even with that, I don’t think you can’t hide your love. You can see it in their eyes.”

However, just a while after this news broke into the public, both agencies, SM Entertainment and Made In Chan Entertainment denies the dating rumor. They both said that the two of them are just colleagues, Yunho is a friendly oppa to Seo Ye Ji.

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