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Block B Releases Individual and Group Photo Teaser for Upcoming Concert

Block B is getting ready to greet BBC (Block B’s fans) with BLOCK B CONCERT 2014 BLOCKBUSTER REMASTERING’.

Recently, the 7 member group reveals the individual photo teaser with caption “I’m Your Villain”. Block B posed as villain with height measurement line at their back. The photos indeed showing Block B’s style crazy, creepy, but also showing the mischievous side.

Check their photo teaser here:

Bzg5Ct_CcAAeDie Bzg5CuHCUAAwD1E Bzg5q6JCQAAQHCK Bzg5rJACIAAD8X- Bzg5rOiCcAA5P3q Bzg52paCIAAydB1Bzg7ACwCQAAag1P Bzg7AhECcAA3UKC Bzg7AkPCEAAyqQo

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