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Cha Noa’s Biological Father Drops The Lawsuit Against Cha Seung Won

Mr. Cho, the alleged biological father of Cha Noa finally drops the lawsuit against Cha Seung Won and his wife.

Mr. Cho previously filled the lawsuit against Cha Seung Won because he spoke as he’s the biological son. Even his wife, Mrs. Lee also wrote in her self-written book about lies, their dating life, marriage, and her son, Cha Noa. Mr. Cho also demand a 100 million won compensation regarding this issue.

Therefore, Mr. Cho decided to drop the lawsuit, seems that the problems had been solved amicably. Regarding this issue, Cha Seung Won also stated that his son, Cha Noa didn’t know the issue also the fact that he’s not Cha Seung Won’s biological son.


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