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YG x Yuehua Ent. Ready To Debut New Boygroup “UNIQ”

Previously, it’s been reported that YG Entertainment and Yuehua Entertainment from China collaborating to form a boygroup called “UNIQ”.

They’ve been releasing several video teaser on their youtube page :UNIQ’s YouTube channel and revealed to have trained for 1400 days (3 years 9 months). The group is set to debut this month with 5 members, Sung Joo and Seung Yeon from Korea, while Mon Han, Zhou Yi Xuan, and Yi Bo are from China.

Each member has it own uniqueness that’s why they called ‘UNIQ’. Sung Joo is popular from his trainee days, Seung Yeon can speak Korean, Chinese, English, and Portuguese. He also recognized as a fashionista and featured on GQ magazine. Moon Han stands out because of his clean voice and distinct visual. Zhou Yi Xuan is charismatic rapper, while Yi Bo is the first one who got confirmed as the member of UNIQ.

UNIQ will officially debut this month with their single “Falling In Love”.



Check their teaser here:

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