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Osim Malaysia uDiva Meet & Greet Lee Min Ho

The world’s leading massage chair brand, Osim flew in their latest ambassador to Malaysia for a fan meet session! It is none other than Asia’s heartthrob, Lee Min Ho and we got the golden opportunity to personally meet this charming actor. The session with the fans began sharp at 2 pm with the emcee giving a short introduction on stage. Lee Min Ho, who was literally bursting with charisma appeared on stage in the brand new Osim uDiva and needless to say, the crowd went into a frenzy.


The fan meet which lasted about an hour was worth it and the highlight of it all were the games sessions. Lucky fans who won the Instagram contest and some fans who were hand picked from the crowd were able to view their idol up close. Imagine the excitement as the girls managed to personally interact with Lee Min Ho and each of them had a photo opportunity with him.


The session ended pretty quickly before we even realised it and thankfully for media, we had the chance to meet Lee Min Ho once again in the press conference. And, fret not, we have some answers to the juicy questions 🙂 Read on to find out more about this ‘pretty’ boy!



1. How was your third time experience here in Malaysia?

I landed pretty late last night but I’m thankful for all the fans who came out to the airport to meet me. I’m glad for my passionate fans and I’m happy to see them again.


2. Do you have a personal favourite mode on the Osim uDiva?

Mine is definitely the spa mode on this amazing massage chair!


3. Have you experienced body aches and pains from filming for long hours?

Yes, I do from my busy schedule but I’m always flying around and I’m not usually at home. My mother enjoys the Osim uDiva more than me honestly.


4. Would you be interested in visiting Malaysia islands or our tropical rainforests?

I saw the Tioman Island in the games session just now and I would like to go there since it is so beautiful. If given an opportunity, I would love to enjoy and sit back at the island.


5. What are some of the challenges you faced while filming movies?

You would be surprise to see a different side of me in the movie, do anticipate it!


6. Tell us more about the progress of your singing career.

In October, my new album will be released. Please support my ‘Song For You’ album which will be released soon.


7. How did you feel while filming the Osim commercial?

I’m very honoured to be Osim’s ambassador as it promotes our general well being. I wish all the best in Osim’s future.


8. From an actor’s point of view, how was the filming process for the Osim commercial?

It’s hard for me to explain but I’m certain it was a different side of me.


9. What’s your favourite Osim uDiva colour?

I would put the black one in my bedroom, the pink one I would recommend to my sister and parents and the red one probably in my living room.


And that’s all from Lee Min Ho this time around in Malaysia, we wish him all the best from the bottom of our hearts and we hope he will be successful in the future! A big thanks to the organiser and Osim Malaysia for inviting us for this prestige event too!

For more pictures, visit our Facebook here 🙂

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