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Core Contents Media CEO Investigated For Suspicious Transaction With Actress “H”

Kim Kwang Soo, the CEO of Core Contents Media once again bringing up some issue. Now he’s investigated for mishandling the fund and the suspicious transaction between him and an actress under his agency named “H”.

According to Seoul Newspaper, September 15th, Kim Kwangjin (former chairman of Hyundai Bank), sent 4 million dollars to CCM in order to debuting his son Kim Jongwook. But as he trace the monney, he found a suspicious transaction of 2 million dollars between the CEO (KKS), actress H, and CJ E&M.

CCM is known as the home for T-ARA, 5 Dolls, Gang Kiz, SPEED, andThe SeeYa. With this issue, the investigation will spreading throughout entertainment industry to make sure about the regulations between them.

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