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Hong Soo Hyun is Leaving “Roommate” and “Roommate” To Add 6 New Members For Season 2

Hong Soo Hyun is the last “Roommate” cast reported to leave the show.

Until now, “Roommate” has lost it’s 5 members ParkBom, Gayeon, Lee Sora, Shin Sungwoo & Hong Soohyun. Season 1 is coming to and end and the PD decided to add 6 more new members to fill the empty spot. SNSD Sunny, GOT7 Jackson, and g.o.d. Park Joon Hyung are reported joined SBS “Roommate” Season 2: “It’s Okay, Roommate”.

Roommate Season 2 is expected to air their first episode on September 21st.

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2 Comments on Hong Soo Hyun is Leaving “Roommate” and “Roommate” To Add 6 New Members For Season 2

  1. All the best are gone. Now it’s gonna be full of spoiled idols. Who’s gonna take care of that beautiful house?


  2. duh, padahal lebih suka sama cast yang lama 😦
    semoga aja cast cast yang baru bisa naikin rating roommate lagi deh 😦
    kan sayang kalo acaranya di tutup
    lumayan seru sih.


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