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Ladies’ Code RiSe Passes Away

Before we continue to the news, we would like to send our deepest condolences to RiSe’s family, friends, fans and not to forget EunB’s too. This is such a heartbreaking news that Ladies’ Code are now lost their 2 bright and talented member.

Ladies’ Code RiSe unfortunately reported drew her final breath today, September 7th on 10.10 AM.

RiSe had been struggling with 9 hours of surgery and 4 days unconscious till she’s now heading to heaven. After the accident which hit her on September 3rd, the surgery had been done due to her major head injury, but it’s stopped as RiSe got low blood pressure. RiSe’s parents flew from Japan to meet their daughter, Sojung’s and EunB’s mom also send her support for RiSe. But unfortunately, RiSe passes away.


“That day I cried,
Its goodbye forever in order to be happy
Sometimes I laugh at something
I’m fine thank you, thank you”

Rest In Peace Kwon RiSe, our prayer and heart goes to you.

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