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Kiss&Cry’s Haena Appeared on Audition Program ‘Superstar K6’+She Revealed Kiss&Cry is Disbanded

Rookie group, Kiss&Cry’s, member, Haena, recently appeared on the audition program ‘Superstar K6’. But why would a member of group appear on an audition program? Well, according to Haena, in her interview portion in the program revealed that the group has been disbanded.

Kiss&Cry is a girl group, debuted earlier this year with the song “Domino Game”, and loved because of their powerful vocal skills. Member Haena revealed that the song didn’t receive much response to meet their expectations, and so the group was disbanded.

In the broadcast where Haena appeared in the program, the panel, including Ailee, Kyuhyun, Narsha, and Kim Bum Soo, praised her powerful vocal skills and her ability to reach the high notes. Yoon Jong Shin further asked, “Was the group disbanded?”, Haena answered, “We are a family-like group. I wish we would regroup again someday. We got disbanded when we are not famous yet, so I want to get my name known and also Kiss&Cry to be known too”. stating her desire to return as a group again.

Although Haena mention and left fans convinced that the group has truly got disbanded, according to Kiss&Cry’s fan cafe, the company stated that the group’s activities are only put to halt for the moment because of company problems. The company, Winning Insight M, informed that the group is not completely disbanded but there would be changes to the group.


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