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Ladies Code EunB Passes Away, Rise and Sojung Still In Critical Condition

Another unfortunate events happen in Kpop industry, earlier today, Ladies Code got into car accident. The most heartbreaking part is that EunB (22 years old) died in this accident while other members, Rise and Sojung is now in critical condition.

Polaris Entertainment released an official statement: “After they finished their schedule in Daegu on September 2, LADIES′ CODE was headed back to Seoul. Around 1:30 AM in Suwon, it was raining and the car wheel coming off. The van spun several times and it hit a guardrail.Unfortunately, Eun Bi passed away in this accident, Rise and Sojung also in critical condition. The other 2 members, managers, and stylist didn’t receive serious injuries.”

This shocking news made fans and other idols send their deep condolences and pray for Ladies Code. Some idols took twitter to show their condolences:

Junggigo: We both performed in Daegu, used waiting rooms right next to each other, and even greeted each other…. but today, I hear this terrible news about EunB. My heart feels stuffy… I give my condolences. And I pray for the recovery of the other members and staff who are being treated.

Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea: EunB…. I pray that you went to a better place. I pray that the other members will also be okay.

Byul: Rise’s injury seems more serious than I thought. Let’s all pray together. She is such a nice and beautiful person. I pray that nothing bad happens and that the surgery will be a success and she’ll recover. Please pray!

Girls’ Day Minah I give my condolences… I hope that the other people will also recover quickly.

Girls’ Day Sojin: LADIES’ CODE EunB… please rest in peace. This is most unfortunate. I pray that everything thing will be okay with Rise. Please let’s all pray together. Please pray for all the LADIES’ CODE members.

A-JAX’s Seungyub: Rest in peace

Girls’ Day Sojin: LADIES’ CODE EunB, rest in peace. This is most unfortunate.

2AM’s Jo Kwon: This is such heart breaking news. She’s only begun blossoming… I will always be praying for you in my heart. I give my condolences. I’ll pray that the other members and staff will also recover quickly.

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun: This doesn’t even seem like someone else’s business. People who are reading this, please let’s pray together. I hope to hear good news about the other members who are currently being treated.

A Pink’s Chorong: It was a group that our previous director and Changddai oppa worked hard to prepare for. My heart is aching. I really give my condolences. I’ll pray that Rise will have good results. To the members, staff, director, and Changddai oppa, who are probably quite shocked, please cheer up.

Baek A Yeon: Rest in peace. My heart aches so so much and it’s such an unfortunate incident that it’s hard to believe even now. As well as for my friend So Jung, and the other members and staff, I will pray for their recovery. .

4minute’s Kwon So Hyun: I give my condolences. My heart hurts and I cannot believe it. We even appeared on broadcast together just a while ago… I will desperately pray for the others to quickly recover.

Byul: Go EunB… such a young age… Ah…my heart hurts. Her family must be devastated. Please cheer up… Rise and So Jung’s surgeries, I pray that they will finish successfully and the girls will recover. I pray the others who are injured will also heal quickly. Driving in the rain… is scary. Everyone who is driving, please be extra careful. I pray that no one else gets hurt today.

Spica’s Jiwon: The accident that happened to my colleagues, who were running towards their dream together… My heart is aching. I give my condolences to EunB… I pray that Rise’s surgery will end successfully.. Please…. please…

Bumkey: I just woke up because my sleep was very uncomfortable all of the sudden.I can’t believe that such a terrible thing could happen. I give my condolences. I also pray that the conditions of the others will improve. This is so very unfortunate. I give my deepest condolences to the families and staff.

Eric Nam: Heartbreaking news this morning. Thoughts and prayers go out to ladies code. Please keep the ladies and their families in your prayers.

Announcer Kong Seo Young: Ah…LADIES’ CODE, who greeted me at the shop with passion in their eyes, despite being tired in the early mornings… I pray for all those injured to have a good recovery. EunB, so unfortunate and so sad to lose….Rest in peace. Let’s all pray for them.

Kara’s Gyuri: How can this happen…. Rest in peace. / Everyone please pray that So Jung and Rise will also recover safely. / It’s So Jung’s birthday today…Hope she receives strength….

15& Baek Ye Rin: I didn’t really know her, but she was a very talented and hardworking person, and also someone with passion all the time. She was someone I really liked, making me even sadder and more regrettable. I’ll pray a lot. Really. Rest in peace.

U-KISS’ Alexander: Tragic news for the morning.. That′s too young.. May God provide the comfort to all members, families n staffs of Ladies Codes. RIP EunB

miss A’s Suzy: Rest in peace. My heart aches. I pray that the other people will quickly heal.

Block B’s Jaehyo: Rest in peace. I’m praying for the other members to quickly recover. Let’s pray together.

Block B’s Zico: This is very saddening. Rest in peace.

Block B’s Taeil: She was someone I greeted just several hours before… It’s frightening and so unfortunate. Rest in peace. I pray that the others, who are injured, recover quickly

Rainbow’s Jaekyung: Rest in peace.

Fly to the Sky’s Brian Joo: Just heard the news about the group ′Ladies Code′:( So sad to hear news like this. Praying for all who were affected by the whole tragedy

Madclown: I want to pay my condolences to EunB, who passed away in an unfortunate accident. I didn’t know her personality, but I greeted her in the waiting rooms when we were promoting…. Ah…this is so heart breaking. So unfortunate.

Rainbow’s Noeul: This is so unfortunate. Rest in peace.

Kahi: This is such heart breaking news. I pray that she rests in peace. And the families… I hope they can cheer up. Sigh. I hope the other members recover soon.

Dal Shabet’s Subin: Seeing the pictures… tears keep coming out… How painful and scary it must have been. Rest in peace…. I’m sincerely praying that the others will have a successful surgery.

[UPDATE] Some source stated that Sojung is continue to stabilize while Rise is now still in surgery for 7 hours.

Translation credit: MWAVE

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