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YG To Debut 7 Member Boy Group Through “Mix&Match” Survival Show

Today is the press conference of Mnet x YG “Mix&Match” survival show.

Previously it’s been revealed that Team B and another 3 YG trainees are going through another survival show to debut. Team B previously had been competing with Team A (now: WINNER). On today’s press conference, YG stated that B.I, Bobby, Jinhwan confirmed for debut with other 4 members. Yes, YG is planning to debut another boy group with 7 members in total, B.I, Bobby, Jinhwan, + 4 new members.

As 3 from Team B had been confirmed to debut, the rest 3 of Team B, Song Yoon Hyeong, Kim Dong Hyuk, and Goo Joon Hwae and other 3 trainees are competing each other to grab the remaining 4 spots in the group. The first episode will air on September 11th. We can’t wait for another great survival show after WIN!

[UPDATE] The new boy group which is chosen through this show will be named “IKON”. As some fans posted some photos of “Mix&Match” press conference, 3 YG trainees are revealed, Jung Jin Hyung, Jung Chan Woo and Yang Hong Suk. The one who’s caught the attention is Jung Chan Woo. If you watch SBS “The Heirs” you might remember the face of younger Kim Tan. Yes, Chan Woo previously act in “The Heirs” as younger Kim Tan. You can see the profile below:




[UPDATE] Last, YG also said that the two eliminated members will not debut from YG. It’s the same case as BIGBANG, where one of them debuted from other agency (Hyunseung is now in BEAST). Yang Hyun Suk added, “I don’t have a plan to debut the eliminated members again.” Yang Hyun Suk also explained that this survival and though journey is going to end up with a stronger personality in each member. “It’s not YG made BIGBANG, it’s BIGBANG who made YG. I want them to represent YG and even Korea.”

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