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Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon Celebrates their 1st Wedding Anniversary

It’s already one year since singer Lee Hyori got married with Lee Sang Soon. This couple celebrated their first wedding anniversary by wearing again their wedding outfits, like they did a year ago, to reminisce and celebrate the happy day.

Lee Hyori posted the pictures of their anniversary celebration, by re-wearing the wedding outfits in her blog yesterday, and also posted; “Today is our first wedding anniversary. After doing chores we went to the forest with our dogs as usual.” “When returning home we wore the dress and tuxedo that we wore in the wedding. We made a promise to wear this outfit and take pictures at this spot every year”. 

Hyori added, “We will age, gain weight, become sick and bored at some times, but as we took these pictures, I thought about the promise to do all of those things together.” Hyori ended the post with “Sang Soon, thank you for the past year”.

As heartwarming Hyori’s post is, let’s hope they will last long, and forever, together.


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